Hello everyone of fan blazblue Welcome to the OC Fan Wikia Site where you can post YOUR OC On this wikia if you have any questions please feel free to ask one of the people who own this wikia like TERUMIPASTELLOVE Please ask me or anyone else if you need free help  we are willing to help you no matter what and if you don't like this wikia well...TOO BAD It's a god damn wikia anyhow enjoy your stay at The blazblueOCFanwikia~ 

anyhow we have free give away shirts that you can buy (COMEING OUT SOON) 

And we are also gonna be haveing a new top 10 OC Play everyweek and too see who is the best OC Ever 

Bloodedge's Theme (The Undead hero) BBZOC

Bloodedge's Theme (The Undead hero) BBZOC

Celica A

Celica A.Mercury's Theme BBZOC CP

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